2021 – current: we are a gold sponsor of the subs in schools competition

The Subs in Schools Competition allows students to explore the complex challenges of maritime engineering and hydrodynamics using coding and electronics as they design and build operational submarines and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles. We proudly support the students of Wagga Wagga Christian College to extend their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning by taking part in this competition.

2020: we were a gold sponsor of 4×4 in schools technology challenge

We proudly supported the students of Wagga Wagga Christian College who participated in the “4×4 In Schools Technology Challenge”, a National STEM competition where they were awarded the title of National Champions.

The 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge is an international competition which involves developing, manufacturing and testing a remote control car. The team collaborate with different industries, developing public speaking and marketing skills which will assist in their future careers.

2014 – 2019: Drs. Kenneth and Cheryl Cheung Travel Grant / Scholarship Programme

Having spent a number of years in Wagga Wagga we have realised that local students could benefit from increased exposure to the various educational program available in capital cities. Students in regional and rural areas often miss the educational opportunities accessed by their counterparts in larger city areas.

The Drs. Kenneth and Cheryl Cheung Travel Grant/Scholarship Foundation was set up to provide financial assistance to local high school students to attend study workshops, school-sanctioned educational activities, agricultural shows and performing arts workshops, etc.

To receive this scholarship, local high school students required recommendations from their school teachers, and they were finally selected based on their achievement, by three members of the community independent of the fund sponsors.

We provided financial support to these students to enable them to access capital cities to learn and experience – bridging the city-rural divide and providing regional and rural students added assistance for them to achieve a learning outcome that they deserved.